MMSt50 is an initiative organized by Museum Studies professors, students, alumni and staff to mark the 50th anniversary of the Master of Museum Studies program at the University of Toronto. Throughout our 50th year, we are exploring the theme of risk-taking with scheduled events including an alumni reunion, expert panels and a special exhibition.


Fiftieth anniversaries are a good time both to look back and take stock, and to imagine what’s ahead and plan for the future. For the MMSt program, this is the perfect opportunity to renew key relationships with alumni from different cohorts, to raise our profile within Canada’s museum community , and to set up robust systems and infrastructure, which will lead to stronger engagement with key MMSt communitiess, partners and alumni in the years and decades ahead.

Theme: Risk-Takers

The theme of for MMSt50 projects and events is Risk-Takers. This theme allows us to explore museums' aversion to risk and fears of failing; reflect on the challenges of embracing risk as part of institutional culture; celebrate those who create change by taking risks; and acknowledge that often it is “outsiders” who risk the most when collaborating with museums.

Overall, we will be looking at what it means to take risks in the museum and heritage sector, and at the many ways practitioners and their institutions take risks. While some risky practices and decisions are bold, visible and loud, others are small, slow and subtle. We want to capture and learn about all types of risks and those who advocate for them.  We will highlight stories collected from our alumni, faculty and students which we anticipate will result in exciting events and discussions.

In its 50th year, the Master of Museum Studies program and its graduates, current students and faculty invite you to both take a risk and consider what risk really means.

Master of Museum Studies

The Master of Museum Studies (MMSt) program prepares students for future involvement in museums and related cultural agencies. The program examines the theoretical body of knowledge of museology as a necessary context for professional practice.

The MMSt program is the only English-speaking Master's program of its kind in Canada. The program features an integrated learning approach that links theory with practice. Areas of focus include: Collections, Curatorship, Digital Heritage, Global Cultures & Museums, Museum Education & Programming, and Museum Management. Both a course-based and a thesis option are available.

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