Launch of the 50 for 50 campaign

Museology Get Together, 1975

Museology Get Together, 1975

50 for 50:  Supporting the Next Generation of Risk Takers

This year the Museum Studies program at UofT is turning 50, and we’re celebrating by taking a look back at the history of the program and the people who have built the Museum community over the years, as well as looking at the achievements and challenges that face us in today’s growing and constantly changing environment. Risk-taking and risk-takers have our special attention as we imagine the next 50 years of museums and Museum Studies.

We are also looking towards the future, and what the current generation of students can bring to this vibrant community. Our students are creative, resourceful, energetic, and dedicated to enriching the museum community of which they are a part.

However students today face more challenges than ever before. Museum Studies students have great summer internship opportunities, but most of these internships are unpaid. This means that students who choose to complete an internship often do so in lieu of a paid summer job. This adds to the financial challenge that students already face with high education fees and a constantly rising cost of living. Where there are challenges, there is risk, but where there is risk, there is also opportunity.

Graduation Ceremony Reception, June 2018

For this reason, in celebration of MMSt’s 50th anniversary we are launching the 50 for 50 campaign opportunity. Your contribution of 50 dollars (or more) will support funded internships for MMSt students at UofT. This is a great opportunity for you to give our students the tools they need to achieve academic success through the best internship experiences possible.

Please take this opportunity to give back to the Museum community by supporting the next generation of risk takers through the 50 for 50 campaign.  Click here to donate today to the Museum Studies Program Annual Fund. Our students appreciate and thank you for your generous support.

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