MMSt50 during #MuseumWeek


From May 13-19, 2019 is the annual #MuseumWeek, the 1st worldwide cultural event on social networks, bringing together cultural institutions from all over the world based on the idea of “7 days, 7 themes, 7 hashtags”.

As part of MMSt50, we invite MMSt alumni to take part in the challenge and engage in the conversation on the social platform of their choice, or on the MMSt Alumni Facebook group, using the dedicated #MuseumWeek and #MMSt50 hashtags. This is a great opportunity to connect with alumni around the world and share your experience as an active or retired museum professional!

Watch the MMSt accounts for each day's challenge and how to participate!"

Here are each day's themes:

Mon, May 13th: #WomenInCulture
Monday focuses on famous women in the fields of history, art, culture and science, as well as all those anonymous women whose lives structure our societies.

Tue. May 14th: #SecretsMW
On the Tuesday, let your visitors see behind the scenes! Exhibitions in preparation, restoration or cleaning of collections, little-known facilities or professions, etc.

Wed. May 15th: #PlayMW
The Wednesday will be all about play! Whether it’s theatre, cinema, music or video, an Olympic challenge or a fun treasure hunt, start a fun conversation with your online audience and visiting public!

Thu. May 16th: #RainbowMW
Put more colour into your venue! Whether it’s through showcasing a particular colour in your collections, celebrating peace or LGBTQ awareness, add a splash of colour to your publications and cultural venues!

Fri. May 17th: #ExploreMW
On the Friday, explore the theme of new territory, initiative and daring. Whether it’s in the form of intellectual, artistic or space exploration, or even innovation, invite your public to think outside the box and push the boundaries!

Sat. May 18th: #PhotoMW
Time for them to get their smartphones and cameras out: it’s photo day! Feature the beauty of your design and architecture, highlight your venue by inviting professional, artistic and amateur photographers to share their take on it!

Sun. May 19th: #FriendsMW
On the last day of #MuseumWeek, explore the theme of friendship – a universal value – on social media and use the opportunity to make special offers for groups of visitors at your establishment and gift shop!

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